Stock Market Holidays and Hours

With Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up, you may be wondering what days the stock market is closed and open, and what days have limited hours.

Here they are:

11/23/16     Day before Thanksgiving     Normal hours

11/24/16     Thanksgiving     Closed

11/25/16     Day after Thanksgiving     Stock market closes early at 1pm EST

12/23/16     Business day before Christmas (Friday)     Normal hours

12/25/16     Christmas     Sunday

12/26/16     Christmas observed (Monday)     Closed

12/30/16     Business day before New Years (Friday)     Normal hours

1/1/17      New Years Day     Sunday

1/2/17     New Years Day observed (Monday)     Closed

1:15 p.m. closing for eligible options on Friday, November 25, 2016