Would You Rather Have a Chunk of Your Tissue Taken or Give a Blood Test? The Liquid Biopsy Stocks with the Solution

The title of this article may be a bit misleading but it is true that taking tissue samples is a lot more uncomfortable than taking a blood test to determine if there is cancer. The blood test is called a liquid biopsy.

Basically, a liquid biopsy is a test done on a sample of blood to look for cancer cells from a tumor that are circulating in the blood or for pieces of DNA from tumor cells that are in the blood. A liquid biopsy may be used to help find cancer at an early stage. It may also be used to help plan treatment or to find out how well treatment is working or if cancer has come back. Being able to take multiple samples of blood over time may also help doctors understand what kind of molecular changes are taking place in a tumor.
Most of the companies involved in developing biopsies are not generating any earnings, and several are barely generating revenues. Check out the free list of liquid biopsy stocks, which includes the price / sales ratio and market capitalization. Remember, the lower the price / sales ratio, the better the buy.