The Companies that will Benefit the Most from the New Tax Law

The new tax law has passed and is waiting for the signature of the president. This change will provide a huge economic benefit for many corporations, especially for those that keep money overseas, due to the repatriation tax holiday.

Although there will be benefits to having plants and facilities in other countries, it is expected that most companies will prefer to have most of their operations in the United States. Many U.S. citizens are now starting to benefit from the corporate tax cut such as the AT&T (T) $1,000 bonus for all employees.

From an investor standpoint, the fundamentals for certain companies should improve dramatically which should help the stock price. Here are some of the corporations with the biggest cash holdings overseas.

Apple (AAPL)  ~ $215 billion to $252 billion depending on what source you use and what day of the month it is

Microsoft (MSFT) ~ $128 billion

Cisco (CSCO) ~ $68 billion

Oracle (ORCL) ~ $48 billion to $54 billion

Alphabet / Google (GOOG) ~ $32 billion

Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) ~ $41 billion

Amgen (AMGN) ~ $36 billion

Watch the performance of these stocks during the new year. Speaking of new year, Happy New Year!!!

Why You Should Buy Stocks with a High Tax Rate

If you are looking for a short term speculation or a long term investment, you may want to look for stocks that are currently paying a high tax rate. Why?

According to the Tax Policy Institute, President-Elect Donald Trump has proposed a substantially reduced rate of 15% for corporations. What that means for stocks is that if companies are currently paying taxes at a high rate, they will benefit significantly from tax savings that will flow to the bottom line.

Surprisingly there are some companies that have a tax rate in excess of 60% (e.g. Amazon (AMZN)), according to a report by Wallet Hub. This includes state taxes.

Here are some of the hight overall tax bracket stocks, which may warrant further investigation.

Comcast (CMCSA) 37.1%

Home Depot (HD) 36.4

Norfolk Southern (NSC) 36.3%

Altria (MO) 35.1%

Verizon (VZ) 34.9%

Emerson Electric (EMR) 34.3%

Do your homework and your own due diligence. Hopefully, a corporate tax break with benefit your portfolio.

Disclosure: Author owns AMZN.

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