Funny Stock Market Mergers

NYSE building

Time for some stock market humor. These are the names that would result if the following stocks were to become involved in a merger.

If the following companies were to merge: Caterpillar, Gottschalks, Uranium Energy, Tongjitang Chinese Medicines, you would end up with Cat Gott Ur Tong.

Du Pont,, Bell Industries, Even Technologies, Magic Software Enterprises = Du, You, Bell, Even, Magic

Honeywell and Dewey Electronics = Honey Dew

Agfeed Industries, Pfizer, Fortune Brands, Fomento Econmico Mexicano = Fee, Pfi, Fo, Fom

Exxon Mobil, Markel Corp., The9 Limited, Spotlight Homes = Ex, Mark, The, Spot

Harken Energy, Herald Resources, Fallen Angels Income Fund and Singapore Fund = Hark, the Herald, Angels, Sing

Deckers Outdoor Corp., The9 Limited, Hallmark Financial Services = Deck, The, Hall

Apple Inc., Omega Navigation Enterprises, Intel = Apple, Ome, I.

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