Investment & Business Books on Sale


The following investment, business and finance Kindle books are currently on sale at Amazon (AMZN). If you are interested in any of these books, you should order them as soon as possible, because often these sales only last for just a few days.

Office Zen
By Emma Silverman
Incorporate Zen principles into your workplace.
Sale price $1.99 Regular price: $9.99

Scaling Up Excellence
By Robert I. Sutton and Huggy Rao
Wall Street Journal bestseller. how to scale up your organization.
Sale price $1.99 Regular price: $10.99

Super Crunchers
By Ian Ayres
A New York Times bestseller. How smart organizations are analyzing massive databases to predict consumer behavior.
Sale price $1.99 Regular price: $12.99

Sport Matters
By Kenneth L. Shropshire
How inequality affects sports.
Sale price $7.99 Regular price: $9.99

The Ultimate Sales Machine
By Chet Holmes
A New York Times bestseller. How to focus on the essentials and master the skills that matter.
Sale price $1.99 Regular price: $15.99

By Guy Kawasaki
This New York Times bestseller. How to flawlessly influence the hearts and minds of people.
Sale price $1.99 Regular price: $14.99

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