So is Coinbase Really the Largest Brokerage Firm in the US?


You may have seen articles recently about how venture capitalists want to get in on the success of Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency in the world.

This is partially due to the fact that the company generated a billion dollars in revenue last year and now has more accounts than all the major US brokerage firms.

No wonder why the venture capitalists want to get in on the action, but Coinbase says No to that.

So what about Coinbase’s size compared to stockbrokerage firms? Based on number of accounts, Coinbase is the largest. This is based on the latest figures  of the stockbrokerages found on Wikipedia. Here is the list:

Broker # of Accts
Coinbase 13,300,000
TD Ameritrade 11,004,000
Schwab 10,155,000
E-Trade 4,500,000
Fidelity Investments 4,300,000
Interactive Brokers 385,000

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