15 Stock Market and Wall Street Related Videos for the Holidays

Are you looking for a few videos to watch during the holidays? Or maybe you are looking for a great video gift for a friend who is interested in investing and the stock market. Pick up a couple of these interesting videos, a few of which you my not be familiar with.

Limitless is about an author who takes a new drug which causes him to become extremely intelligent  and astute. He becomes a stock trader who turns $12,000 into $3 million in a week.

Wall Street, a classic Wall Street movie starring Michael Douglas.

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps is the sequel.

Wolf Of Wall Street is the extreme Martin Scorsese movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio, about Jordan Belfort, the infamous pump-and-dumper.

The Wolves of Wall Street is about a Wall Street guy who turns into a werewolf. Not my kind of movie, but if you are into this kind of campy genre…

Startup.Com is an interesting documentary about the rise and fall of govWorks.com, during the dot com boom and bust.

Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room is an expose on the Enron scam, and the people behind it.

Mugshots: Enron – Wall Street Scammers is another good documentary about the Enron crooks.

The Crooked E: The Unshredded Truth About Enron is a movie, not a documentary about what else, Enron.

Too Big To Fail is a movie about the financial crisis of 2008, starring James Woods.

Unraveled is a documentary about a financial con man.

Inside Job is an Academy Award winning documentary about the financial crisis of 2008, Starring Matt Damon.

The Flaw is a documentary about the credit bubble and economic crash.

The Startup Kids is a doc about the young startup founders of Vimeo, Soundcloud and Dropbox.

Boiler Room is  a movie I really enjoyed, since it is based on a true story and gives insights into how a stock brokerage firm operating as a boiler room works.

Have I missed any? Any investment related movies that you would recommend? If so, enter it in the Comments section below.

A Capitalist’s Lament: How Wall Street Is Fleecing You and Ruining America

Rarely have I found a non-fiction book that is a page-turner, but the book A Capitalist’s Lament: How Wall Street Is Fleecing You and Ruining America is one of those books. The author, Leland Faust, goes into detail about how investors are being taken by Wall Street.

Don’t get the author wrong. He is not anti-capitalist, he is what I would call pro-moral capitalist (which is also how I would describe myself, by the way). He is just bringing to light all the ways that the average person is being taken advantage of, on a financial basis.

Although I am familiar with what he covers on a general basis, the author covers the specifics, everything from over charging to fraud. For example, Chapter 2, called Big Is Not Beautiful, is significantly devoted to Goldman Sachs. He points out 37 different instances of fines, security violations, and other issues of the firm.

Examples of some of the chapters that I found the most interesting are:

Fees and Sleaze: Welcome to the World of Hedge Funds

Stupid Predictions and Constant Hype

Myopia: Short Term Trading

Leveraging Yourself to Death

Fortunately, Faust has a resolution, which he covers in the last chapter, Protecting Yourself and Fixing the Wall Street Mess. If you are looking for a great Wall Street expose, I highly recommend A Capitalist’s Lament: How Wall Street Is Fleecing You and Ruining America.