Exclusive Interview with NBC Sports Broadcaster Jim Kozimor: Discusses ProSports ETF, Sports Betting, Colin Kaepernick, Team Investments, Becoming an Announcer

Jim Kozimor

by Fred Fuld III

The following interesting and informative interview was provided by Jim Kozimor, the three-time Emmy Award winning host who has worked on four Olympic Games as a Play-by-play announcer for The NBC Sports Group, and co-founder of SportsETFs, which manages the first sports related Exchange Traded Fund, the ProSports Sponsors Fund (FANZ).

The discussion includes the following:

  • The importance of a company being a corporate sponsor for a sports team
  • The types of companies that are considered for the ETF
  • How the idea for a sports related ETF came about
  • The limitations of team ownership stocks
  • The effect of Colin Kaepernick on the Nike stock
  • The future of the growth of sports betting
  • Advice for future broadcasters
  • and much, much more!

To stream the interview, click:


You can download as an mp3 file by right-clicking  HERE (or Control click on a Mac) and choosing “save as.”

More information about SportsETFs can be found here:


More information about Jim Kozimor can be found here:

Jim Kozimor

If you missed the previous interview with Nick Fullerton, the other co-founder of SportsETFs, you can check it out here.


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